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Ebook: "Nonprofits: What You Need to Know About Hosting Effective Remote Meetings" 1,749 words, 10,285 characters Body In an ideal world, every board member will be able to attend each of your meetings, but your members are busy people with schedules that won’t always align with your plans. When this happens, you can still have 100% attendance by facilitating the meeting with technology. By allowing some members to attend from their current locations, you can include those who can’t get away, those that are traveling for work or on vacation and those who are otherwise unable to physically attend.

USA Today: Hurricane Dorian: How Disney World kept the magic alive for guests

How Disney World kept the magic alive as Hurricane Dorian threatened Florida As Hurricane Dorian charged toward the Florida coast, the Disney Company faced a tough dilemma: how to keep guests safe without ruining the magic of a typical Disney World vacation? As residents and businesses across Florida rushed to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, the emergency team at Disney World sprang into action. Lucky for Disney World-goers, the Category 2 storm swept past Florida on Wednesday, bu

The Frog Family's Guide to Flying with Autism

Mommy Frog's Note: With a little help from my niece, who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we frogs have been learning more and more about the logistics of traveling with someone who has a disability.We are very hoppy to announce we'll be doing more coverage of traveling with disabilities in the coming weeks and months, so that we can pass along what we've learned. And hopefully learn from your experiences too! We will be tackling the sensory challenges while highlighting the pos

Home Advisor: Places Germs Hide in your Home -- And How to Clean Them

Even in the tidiest homes, there are at least a few places where you’d expect to find germs like kitchens, where food is stored and prepared, and bathrooms, where — well, you know. What you might not expect, however, is that there are plenty of germs hiding in places you think are clean. What’s worse is that these sneaky microbes aren’t just icky. Ranging from staph, yeast, and mold to salmonella, E. coli, and fecal matter, they can also make you sick. Whether you plan to embark on the deep cleaning journey yourself or hire a local cleaning service to do the dirty work for you, here are five places you won’t want to miss.

5 things you can’t do in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has finally opened at Disneyland park, and has rapidly become the park’s most popular destination. Learning more about what you can and can’t do in this new area ensures you can make the most of your visit to the planet of Batuu – the place where your “Star Wars” story begins. Editor’s Note: All details in this list accurate as of June 2019; there may be changes as time goes by. Knowing what you can and can’t do in this new land will ensure you have a great time and pr

What's the Buzz: Finds of the Week (Dean Hurley, Shane Dawson, and More!)

Welcome to What’s the Buzz, 25YL’s feature where members of our staff provide you with recommendations on a weekly basis. In our internet age, there is so much out there to think about watching, reading, listening to, etc., that it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, filter out the noise, or find those diamonds in the rough. But have no fear! We’re here to help you do that thing I just described with three different metaphors. Each week a rotating cast of writers will offer their r

5 Common Social Media Mistakes (you may be making)

Social media can be a powerful addition to your inbound marketing efforts, if you use it the right way. Over-promoting, constant posting and posting in the wrong place can make your social media efforts backfire. Learning more about the most common social media mistakes can help you avoid alienating your followers and missing out on some potentially great lead opportunities. Are you Making one (or more ) of These Common Social Media Marketing Errors?

How to Plan a Great Trip to Disney World With Special Needs

A trip to Disney World is supposed to be fun for the whole family, including your child or teen with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Identifying the potential trouble areas and activities and preparing in advance will make a significant difference for your whole group and allow you to navigate the parks with ease. Since the parks and attractions are actually designed to provide sensory experiences and are packed with sounds, scents, visual distractions and other people, kids and adults with aut

Saving Sea Turtles Hilton Head Monthly

" By placing a conservation easement on a piece of land, property owners are able to perpetually protect that land from development. In places like Little St. Simon’s Island, a conservation easement allows the land to be kept free of the type of development that could harm the local wildlife and eco-system. The Paulson family recently created a conservation easement that enclosed their entire 11,000 acre plus island; easements like this one are crucial to the survival of sea turtles and other wildlife. So far, 17 loggerhead sea turtle nests have been identified on the now protected barrier island, according to the Nature Conservancy. Little St. Simon’s, like other Georgia barrier islands, can be reached by boat and visited by the public; but the conservation easement prevents development from impacting the pristine ecosystem."

Ride Solo at Disney World and Spend Less Time in Line

If you're planning a trip to Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida—especially if traveling alone or with a small child—you might want to consider jumping in the single rider line at some of the most popular attractions to avoid long waits. The single rider lines offer solo travelers, or guests wishing to enjoy an attraction on their own, the opportunity to move quickly through the line at select Disney World rides, and it allows Disney to fill every seat in a ride vehicle and maximize the num

Financial Blunders Common to People in Their 30s

Financial Blunders Common to People in Their 30s Failing to Plan: 4 Financial Blunders Common to People in Their 30s If it didn’t happen in your 20s, then your thirties could include some substantial additions to your financial life – namely a spouse or partner and/or kids. These loved ones enhance your life in so many ways, but they also mean you need to watch for some common financial issues that crop up in your thirties. Going it alone? Single and loving it still means you have some financi

Are you Falling for These Common Concussion Myths?

How much do you really know about concussions? If you have kids or teens in sports or play contact sports yourself, you should have a good working knowledge of how concussions work and how they can impact your health and well-being. Since concussions tend to be misunderstood – and under-reported – the CDC recently launched a campaign designed to educate parents and athletes and ensure that any head injuries are promptly and properly assessed. Even as far back as 2006, data shows that concussion

10 Tips for Enjoying Disney World While Pregnant

If you are in good health, visiting Disney World while pregnant is fun and easy. You can enjoy most of the Disney magic without restriction, and there are plenty of ways to stay occupied if other members of your family ride the bigger roller coasters . While many people think of the downside of visiting Disney during pregnancy, there are a lot of positives — from the lack of housework to the ready availability of great food and snacks. If you're planning a Disney vacation and worried about visi

An Unforgettable Family Experience at Bob Evans

When Phil Joseph and his sisters wanted to plan a memorable Thanksgiving dinner for their mother, Alice, they had a dilemma. They wanted to make sure that their elderly mother was able to fully enjoy a family holiday, without feeling the burden or pressure of preparing for guests. Looking for a family style meal in a home like setting turned out to be quite a challenge; the family began making phone calls to nearby restaurants, hoping for a solution. Assistant General Manager, Julie Slaughter, a

Mori Girl Style: A Look at Japan's Forest Girl Trend

Sweeter and less cluttered than Harajuku style and far less “costumey” than the Lolita look lies the Forest Girl; a Japanese style that is gaining popularity in the US and around the world. Layer upon layer of lace, ruffles and lightweight texture combine for a timeless, sweet look that is infinetly comfortable and wearable by all sizes. Also referred to as the Mori Girl style, this look is infinitely wearable, and the combination of natural fabrics and loose-fitting styles makes for a comfortab

IoT Improves Senior Safety and Outcomes TECH. 1.2019

The halls of the assisted living facility are lined with colorful artwork, informational posters and reminders to attend clubs, gatherings and social groups. The active seniors who live here are in varying stages of health, but medication compliance is a concern. Some individuals forget to take medication, while others ignore important health warning signs. In this aging population, ignoring elevated blood sugar or low blood pressure is a recipe for disaster. As Alice makes her way from the Mah Jong group in the activity room back to her own suite of rooms, she passes several sensors along the way. The bracelet she wears looks just like a fitness band, but is continually tracking her heart rate, blood pressure and other vitals. As she passes these sensors, the IoT takes over, automatically downloading information and comparing it to her normal levels. While variations are typical for everyone, blood pressure or an erratic heartbeat could be the first sign of a more serious problem.

Is Baseline Testing for Concussions Just for Football Players? (Hint: No!)

Recent reports and even lawsuits about the lasting damage that repeated concussions cause professional NFL athletes continue to make headlines, but trauma and damage is not limited to those at the pinnacle of the sport. College students, teens and even children playing sports can also suffer from concussions during the course of games or practice. In many cases, the original concussion may not be recognized or treated, simply because the player did not lose consciousness. Learning more about con
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